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VirtueMart - login with email or phone number


This plugin enables customers of your Virtuemart 3 shop to log in with their email, phone or mobile phone number.

Ability to log in using username is also kept.

The plugin works immediately on installation and no configuration is needed.

The plugin will also operate on some later versions of Virtuemart 2.


 DEMO: You can check plugin in action on this link...

 On the same site, you can also test it on the checkout page. Info data you need for the test is on top of the page.



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After installation, you will probably want to change 'Username' label. 

1. To do this go to Extensions->Langauges

2. Click on 'Overrides' in the left panel.

3. Click on 'New' in the toolbar

4. For language constant input COM_USERS_LOGIN_USERNAME_LABEL

5. In text field input desired text like 'Email or phone'

6. Save

There is also language constant for checkout page. Use the same process to override COM_VIRTUEMART_USERNAME label.



Virtuemart Banca Intesa NestPay Payment Method plugin

Virtuemart payment method plugin for ASSECO SEE "NestPay" 3D SECURE
Applies to all banks using the NestPay system: Banca Intesa, AIK banka, Unicredit bank, Erste bank, EuroBank EFG, Komercijalna banka, Sparkasse bank ...
Known compatible countries: BiH, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia
Phe plugin is developed for Banca Intesa "NestPay" in Adriatic region/South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, BiH...). It is compatible with "ASSECO SEE NestPay" anywhere in the world (you just need to change gateway URL).

Customization or changes on separate contracts are possible.


Ukoliko ste iz Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore ili Makedonije, ako Vaša firma nije osnovana pre više od 6 meseci (od datuma zahteva) i firma ima jednog i samo jednog osnivača možete zahtevati da Vam HOLEST E-COMMERCE izda plugin besplatno za jednu godinu. Ukoliko je ovo slučaj i osnivač je takođe ženskog pola plugin se izdaje besplatno na 2 godine. Nepohodno je da na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prosledite:

- sken/fotografiju rešenja o osnivanju nadležnog registra (moraju biti vidljivi datum osnivanja i ime osnivača)

- forwardujete mail u kome Vam banka izdaje test parametre 

Plugin je besplatan ukoliko se koristi za prikupljanje donacija za lečenje.

Configuration is easy, there are few important parameters:
- Merchant ID (assigned by the bank)
- Store key (you generate it on bank merchant portal)
- Form submit URL (https://host/fim/est3dgate, you set testing or production URL, they can be obtained form bank support  )
- Transaction type
 Ukoliko ste firma iz Srbije morate zatražiti preko e-maila da Vam izdamo fakturu po kojoj možete ižvršiti uplatu preko računa.
 Ukoliko ste firma iz Srbije i želite da platite preko računa, molimo Vas, prosledite nam podatke firme radi kreiranja fakture.

All regular payment parameters are also available
Ukoliko ste iz Srbije i želite da platite preko računa, molimo Vas, prosledite nam podatke firme radi kreiranja fakture. 


VirtueMart - order internal note

This plugin enables VirtueMart back-end users to add notes for customers and orders.

These notes are absolutely out of customer scope and there is no chance customer will ever see them.

Purpose of this plugin is to enable you to run your shop easier by having a quick way of tracking information about the customer.

Both customer and order notes can be presented on 'Shoppers' or 'Orders' page. In plugin settings, you can choose what is displayed.

Edited field is added to corresponding back-end edit pages.


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VirtueMart - xml/csv/html/json exporter



What can I export with it??? - ANYTHING!!! 




It lets you define your XML/HTML/CSV/JSON export format in the totally free way.

You can add unlimited number of feeds. Each feed is separatly configured.

You can create any shape of the exported file with this plugin. It can be used as JSON data provider (is supports filtering by QS parameters).

It can be data source for your affilates.


SEE DEMO...  Buy Now


Each feed has the header, item and footer templates. You put there what you want and you use these macros to replace with values in output:


Available Global Field Macros:

{time format:Y-m-d H:i} {product_count}{site_base_url}

Available Product Item Field Macros:

{custom enter-text}{id}{virtuemart_product_id}{virtuemart_vendor_id}{product_parent_id}{product_sku}{product_gtin}{product_mpn}{product_name}{slug}{product_s_desc}{product_desc}{product_weight},{product_weight_uom}{product_length}{product_width}{product_height}{product_lwh_uom}{product_url}{product_in_stock}{product_ordered}{low_stock_notification}{product_available_date}{product_availability},{product_special}{product_sales}{product_unit}{product_packaging}{product_params}{intnotes}{customtitle}{metadesc}{metakey}{metarobot}{metaauthor}{layout}{published}{min_order_level}{max_order_level},{step_order_level}{product_box}{virtuemart_media_id}{virtuemart_category_id}{ordering}{category_name}{product_tax_id}{amount}{quantity}{product_template}{link}{link_absolute}{link_sef}{link_sef_absolute},{published_y_n}{published_yes_no}{in_stock_y_n}{in_stock_yes_no}{tax_name}{category_path delimiter:/}{category_slug}{categories_names separator:,}{categories_ids separator:,}{categories_slugs separator:,},{categories_paths delimiter:/ separator:,}{base_price}{base_price for_qty:1}{sales_price}{sales_price for_qty:1}{base_withtax_price}{base_withtax_price for_qty:1}{discounted_withoutTax_price},{discounted_withoutTax_price for_qty:1}{beforetax_price}{beforetax_price for_qty:1}{currency_name}{currency_code}{currency_symbol}{discount}{tax_amount}{tax_rate}{virtuemart_manufacturer_id},{manufacturer_name}{manufacturer_email}{manufacturer_desc}{manufacturer_url}{manufacturer_slug}{image_url}{image_url_thumb}{image_mimetype}{image_description}{image_meta}{image_title},{html_image_next}{html_image_next class:html-element}{html_thumb_next}{html_thumb_next class:html-element}{attribute-color}{attribute-color nosplit:1}{attribute-color_2}{attribute-color_2 nosplit:1}


Note - each attribute (custom field) will get its macro.





- the totally free shape of the output

- optional require authentication (if not logged in user will be redirected to login page, then after login returned to feed)

- shopper group impersonation (take prices like for that group)

- define the order of products

- group by manufacturer/category

- explicit order of categories

- explicit order of manufacturers

- choose categories to export

- choose manufacturers to export

- skip products that are out of stock

- specify the number of price decimals

- split product over attribute value and choose right images according to attribute (requires images naming convention)

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Admin Reminder for Joomla Administrator

Admin Reminder

This is administration module. It enables site back-end users to set reminders and get alert notifications using the auxiliary plugin.
Each reminder has the due date and it will be colored according to the time remaining until the due date.

Reminder fields:
- created by
- title
- note (explanation text)
- status (Active, Dismissed, Done, None)
- due date
- flag (to mark importance)


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admin reminder1


admin reminder2

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The plugin can be configured to send emails 3 days, 1 day and 1 hour before expiration.


admin reminder3


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Viruemart Order Backend Edit

Viruemart Order Backend Edit


This product is discontinued and no longer maintained. Please use modern "Order Manager" of the "Selling Commander" instead.


In VM3 / VM2 it is sometimes hard to edit products of created order because only thing offered is plain text fields for name, SKU, and price.

This plugin enchants VirtueMart back-end edit interface.

It adds searchable drop-downs for Name and SKU. It also makes every field and price editable.

Every change updates price boxes accordingly by attribute price value.


List of editable things:

- list item attributes

- list item product

- list item status

- list item price

- order discount amount

- order total. amount

- shipment fee amount

- shopper and shopper address

- shipping method

- payment method 
This product is discontinued and no longer maintained. Please use modern "Order Manager" of the "Selling Commander" instead. 


order backend edit1 

This product is discontinued and no longer maintained. Please use modern "Order Manager" of the "Selling Commander" instead. 



Drop-downs for attributes are also added. Attribute values can be easily chosen and the price is updatedaccordingly.

This product is discontinued and no longer maintained. Please use modern "Order Manager" of the "Selling Commander" instead. 



order backend edit2




ob edit3

ob edit4ob edit5

Order Awaiting Panel for Virtuemart

This Joomla/VirtueMart component can turn your restaurant delivery process or delivery process in any form of company that follows similar steps into the organised conveyor belt.


LIVE PANEL DEMO, username/password: Guest/Guest , to trigger panel behavior order anything from here....


 - Monitor instant changes / new incoming order

- You can configure an unlimited number of users to have terminal access (You don't need to give this users backend access)

- Each terminal can be configured to display orders of certain statuses

- Each terminal can be configured to have the capability of changing certain or all statuses of order

- On new order reception terminal can be configured to play sound

- On new order reception terminal can be configured to blink.

- Optimized for touchscreen

- 'Full screen' button available

- Termal printer app for Windows 7+ included inside of package zip

- Control which users can change to what order statuses. For example employees in the kitchen can be allowed only to change status to "RAEDY_FOR_DELIVERY" OR "CANCEL".

- Browser notifications are built-in  


 React immediately - you will get blinking and/or sound notification


This is a perfect tool to organize your production/delivery line.



BACKEND LINK: <your site url>/administrator/index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel

FRONTEND LINK: <your site url>/index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel


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